"I’ve experienced firsthand how the “model minority” narrative– this strange tendency to assume that Asians are simply a quiet, high-achieving community tagging along with our white brethren into a melting pot of joy–effectively de-legitimizes our voices in conversations about promoting racial justice. Leaving our voices and experiences out of the fight for racial justice erases our long, often tragic history in this country and homogenizes all Asians into one, high-achieving blob. Leaving us out means turning a blind eye to the fact that 1 in 6 Filipino-Americans and 1 in 4 Korean-Americans are undocumented, that Southeast Asians have the highest high school dropout rates in the country, that Asian American students are the most bullied ethnic group in classrooms, and that Asian women are consistently hypersexualized, objectified, and orientalized via widespread media representations. If you choose not to include us in discussions on racial justice, you are telling us that our struggles don’t matter."
- Linsey Yoo, Racialicious, "Solidarity is for white women and Asian people are funny" (via owning-my-truth)

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Outside Lands was amazing!! It was exactly where I needed to be. The busyness, the environment, the cold, everything. I don’t know how, but it really was what I needed to (start to) get over this funk and to just deconstruct these haunting feelings I’ve been having lately.

Even more than ever, I feel like I belong in the Bay. I’ve always wanted to move here ever since watching The Princess Diaries. Yes, I know how dorky that sounds. After getting lunch with a SAS friend today, I even started looking up grad schools in San Francisco! Eeeeek.

The music was perfect. The food was ughhhhh so amazing. Reunions with alums and random high school friends was lovely. Even with all my bad luck, I want to go back. I want to go back right now. 

Until next time. Don’t forget about me, SF.

outside lands 2014 san francisco i left my heart there FOR REAL give it back or no i can go back and get it ughhhh i just wanna be hip one day my dream will come true